March 30, 2009

BoInk SAL - Week 5

Wow, week five already!! March has disappeared in the blink of an eye! Here is my progress as of yesterday, Motif 1 is finished!!

In other stitchy news, I posted my biscornu for the Tiny Treasures Exchange on Saturday. Other than that my stitching groove has slowed down a little as my hours at work have picked up. But only one more month and the hours should slow down and we can start to resume life as normal around here :)

March 26, 2009

Bracelet Trial!

Andrea posted a request a few weeks ago for volunteers to test some bracelets that she made. This beautiful bracelet arrived in the mail a little while ago (with a little surprise too!)

The bracelet is looks amazing, she did such a great job!! DH said "Wow, she really made that??" when I opened the package & showed him. :)

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't worn it enough, but am very glad that I volunteered to be a tester for her. If anyone's interested she still has 3 more bracelets in her giveaway here!!

March 23, 2009

BoInk SAL - Week 4

Here is my Week 4 progress. I couldn't decide whether to work on the border or start the motif. So I did a little of both :)

Tonight we had our ladies night out with the girls. There's 10 of us that go out once a month to get away for an evening, or sometimes an afternoon. We all bring $30 and draw a name until we each have won the money. Then the winner has to host the event the next month. Tonight we went and saw The Last House on the Left. I'm not a huge fan of thrillers - so I'll be double checking all the locks before I go to bed tonight!!

March 17, 2009

BoInk SAL Week 3

Here is my progress this week. Not as much as I was hoping for, but we had a very busy Sunday with two hockey games and the AGM for our community league. I'm not sure which section I'm going to work on next week.... should I continue with the border or start the first motif????

March 9, 2009

BoInk SAL - Week 2

And then there was color!

I am so happy with the colors I chose. I'm normally a play by the rules kinda girl and it was definitely a challenge for me to have to pick my own colors. I "hmmmm'd" and "hawwed" for days, and drove poor DH up the wall, but in the end I'm excited about the result :)

It was wonderful to have a productive stitching day. I was so sick this week and every time I tried to pick up a piece, I've ended up tearing it all out later on! My poor biscornu for the Tiny Treasures Exchange has been frogged twice already!! So frustrating, but that's what I get for trying to concentrate when I can barely hold my head up.

March 3, 2009

BoInk SAL - Week 1

Here is my start on the BoInk SAL. Due to a busy Sunday, I only got in about 6 stitches before the kids were in bed! It will be hard to leave it alone until next Sunday...

Note: camera found! Rather embarrassing as it was pretty much in plain sight and we were searching for 2 weeks, but at least we hadn't bought another one yet!